FeaturesBasicStartupMarket leaderHow is it, what is it,Tools
Number of keyphrases optimized*Up to 30Up to 60Up to 120* Keyphrases with less than 1M resultsSEOQuake
Web server analysis & reportingYesYesYesOnline ToolsGTMatrix
Key phrase research & selectionYesYesYesGoogle Adwords Keywords Research toolGoogle Adwords
Predictive keyword analysisYesYesYesAnalysis of keywords with Search VolGoogle Adwords
Meta tags (Title & description)YesYesYesFor all pagesManual
Optimization of robots.txt & GoogleBot crawlsYesYesYesFor entire websiteManual
Creation & registrations of sitemap.xmlYesYesYesFor entire websiteManual
Quality Content Creation*61224Blog (Additional content will be charged extra) Manual
Google My Business optimization* YesYesYes(if needed)GMB
Mobile site optimization*YesYesYesIf ApplicableDeveloper will do it
Google Analytics setup w/ conversion trackingYesYesYesTracking code integrationGoogle Analytics
Google Analytics traffic analysisYesYesYesProper PDF report will be givenGoogle Analytics
Custom Dashboards/Data Views4 Dashboards8 Dashboards8 DashboardsWith Ready templateGoogle Analytics
Local search optimizationYesYesYesNBA requireManual
Setup of website sitemapYesYesYesManualManual
Image optimizationYesYesYesManualManual
Link redirect auditYesYesYesManualManual
Custom 404 error page setup and optimizationYesYesYesManualManual
Schema HTML tagsYesYesYesit depends on CMSManual
Canonicalization analysis & domain unificationYesYesYesManualManual
Initial link analysis and disavowYesYesYesIf neededGoogle Search Console
Online project management scheduleYesYesYesIf requirefreedcamp
Ongoing quarterly keyword reportingYesYesYesManualExcel, OR PDF
Ongoing monthly ROI, traffic, & goal reporting*YesYesYesVia Google AdwordsExcel, OR PDF
Internal linking restructuring & optimizationYesYesYesManualManual
Linkable content promotionYesYesYesManualSocial Media
Header Tags OptimizedYesYesYesManualManual
Duplicate content analysisYesYesYesManualPlagiarism Tool
Social media monitoring YesYesYesManualManual
Blogger outreachNoYesYesManualManual
Guest Blogging24
Video and image XML sitemapsYesYesYesManualManual
Searcher experience analysisYesManualGoogle Analytics
Link baiting and content developmentYesManualManual
Web 2 Property Creation3612ManualManual
Local Directory Listing102030
Google Search Console ListingYesYesYesManualManual
Bing Webmaster ListingYesYesYesManualManual
Content Creation for Social Media
Facebook3 Per Week6 Per Week12 Per WeekImage, Page, Post, VideoCanva, Photoshop
Pinterest3 Per Week6 Per Week12 Per WeekImage, Page, Post, VideoCanva, Photoshop
IG3 Per Week6 Per Week12 Per WeekImage, Page, Post, VideoCanva, Photoshop
Linkedin3 Per Week6 Per Week12 Per WeekImage, Page, Post, VideoCanva, Photoshop