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Digital Marketing

“Build it and they will come” does not work anymore. Business needs to go out there. Search Engine optimisation (SEO) and Social media marketing will help you get the attention you need. We can help generate the relevant traffic which can help your business.

Digital marketing- Baya Digital

Social media marketing

There are so many diverse platforms available now days to generate leads and sales for your business. Our social-savvy digital marketers will help you setup and run your social media campaigns as well as help you tweet and share your way to a permanent social media presence. We will help you gain relevant and better interactions.


You have a beautiful website with all the features ready and now it is the time to invite relevant people and inform them you are open for business! That is when SEO comes in the picture. Baya helps you get the best SEO ranking through various methods from guest blogging to link building and much more.

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Paid Search

An organised PCC marketing can give you the best click through rate and great conversions rate.Baya offers insightful keyword research, market research, Landing page optimisation, AB testing and more to get the best of your investment with skyrocketing conversions.

Email marketing

In the digital world not the pen nor the sword is mightier than the keywords! Well designed and creative content will not only sell your stuff but also create volumes about your business. Baya offers pitch perfect and SEO valued content which generate relevant interests.

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Digital copywriting

Brand identity defines who you are. In the age of social media, there are no faceless businesses. We help you build your brand identity both offline and online taking care of everything from logo to business cards and from fonts to colours.

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