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Mobile App Development

Average adult spend 3 hours of their daily life on a mobile phone which makes it essential to have a mobile application. We will work with you to nest your ideas into mobile apps by ensuring the they meet your objectives and expectations. From Enterprise level to small business and from complex banking app to a meditation guide app, You name it and we will built it.
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iOS app Development

iOS devices like iPhones, iPads and Apple Watches lead the market in Europe, US and Canada so we often recommend to lunch the apps in iOS first than the android. Apps built in iOS native provides high UI experience with the benefit of accessing all the devices’ hardware. Baya offer iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch development.

Android app development

Android is becoming leading os in Asia and close with more than 70% market share. Baya offers both android phones and tablets development. Considering the pricing of the devices, Android is the best choice for enterprises.

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Hybrid app development

Get the benefit of creating one hybrid application which can deployed on both android and iOS devices. With the frameworks like ionic and react native, we are now able to get benefits of some devices’ hardware features. It is a great option from cost savings perspective.

App updates

Updating existing application with recent features or extra functionalities requirements, Baya Digital is here for you. We also offer services to complete your unfinished applications and fix any issues in existing applications.

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Proactive Support

We strive to provide our best to keep your app on its toe when it comes to performance.From fixing the issues before they problems to provide competitor insights to help to determine your next move.

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